Stunning Backyard Sunset

I will always enjoy
A beautiful sunrise
Or stunning sunset
Life is too short
To not be in the moment

12 thoughts on “Stunning Backyard Sunset

  1. It’s often hard for me to stay in the moment. If we are on vacation, I start immediately thinking about how much time we have left before it’s over and reality returns! It’s something I have to be continually working on. I’m better than I was, but far from perfect! Anyway I love the pic and what you said along with it. Today I will focus on being in the moment! Thanks for the reminder, my friend!


    1. You’re welcome Sarah. Your experience this morning is a reminder of just how fine a line we walk each day in this world. Through everything I have been seen the past six or so years, God has taught me to enjoy each moment. Life is too short not to have joy. Patrick


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