Prohibited Items

logo_cwp_largeWhile returning from a class one day this past week, and munching a green apple, I was stopped by a complete stranger and asked for my backpack. Since he happened to have a 9mm Glock, a badge, and a digital camo uniform I did not argue. The rules say I can be stopped at any time and have to submit to a searched as part of my job. My backpack was thoroughly searched for anything on the prohibited items list. Just one of the many freedoms me and my co-workers give up to help keep the U.S. safe.

9 thoughts on “Prohibited Items

    1. Patrick

      I can tell you that it is definitely a different experience. I heard the guard say to the guy before me, “you are okay, this next gentleman is who I want to talk too”. I did not know if I should point out the missed pocket with the legal drugs that would have peaked his interest.


  1. Oh! My stomach would have flip flopped if I’d heard that, even if I knew I wasn’t carrying anything on that list. That’s why I’m not a fan of flying either.
    (You must have looked too casual munching on that apple.)
    By the way, Thanks!


    1. Patrick

      I’m not a fan of flying these days either. At least I was not required to empty my pocket, remove my belt, and take off my shoes! The apple was very delicious.


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