1 Day 1 World Project – Hour 24

Today marks the 24th week of the 1 Day 1 World Project. When Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind started this project over six months ago, I did not know how it would turn out here at the Garage, especially in the middle of the night. Being the type who sees the sun rise even during the long summer days, I knew the wee hours of the night would most likely be blank, and I succeeded. The twenty-fourth and final hour I found a very exotic place to be…the Wilson House.

Wilson HouseMost of you will recognize this as my home. It was built in 1908 for John H. Wilson who supplied materials to those who chose to make the Livermore Valley their home. I am only the fifth owner of this historic home. It has been a labor of love to restore to its original glory.
Wilson House Est. 1908 Since I could not remember the last time I washed my truck, that was the first item on today’s list. It took all morning to scrub off the dirt on the outside and vacuum up all the leaves, rocks, dirt, and dog hair on the inside.
Red Dog GarageMaggie spent the morning guarding her yard from the squirrels who have been snacking on my neighbor’s fruit trees. The morning was cool so Maggie also spent some time just soaking up the sun. All in all, a great way to complete the 1 Day 1 World Project.

14 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project – Hour 24

  1. I knew your home was old and interesting, Patrick but how cool to have a historic marker! Thanks so much for all of your posts participating in this project, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. 🙂


  2. I think this may be the first time you’ve shared a full photo of your home. So, so lovely!
    My husband is coveting a house with a historical marker ever since our trip to Charleston!


      1. Houses at this price point dont tend to move. Very quicky around here. Lots of showings, lots of positive feedback, but no one writing a 7- figure cheque just yet. Tealtor warned us that the optimal timing wiuld be Feb/Mar but my property shows best in the summer months. I guess now that we have the video and photos, we can always point to those should we end up taking it off the market and relisting in the new year.


  3. Patrick-
    Congrats on completing the entire challenge! I wish I could say the same… and catching up now wouldn’t be in the same spirit of fun.

    I totally got side-tracked for a wonderful reason… preparing for the birth of our first grand baby. It all started with a project that I REALLY misjudged the time it would take to complete. A three-week estimate turned into a three month commitment. Our sweet little one will receive one of the best things I’ve ever made in my entire life- an embroidered and hand stitched quilt! ❤

    In retrospect, posting a photo for each time slot of my progress probably would have been appropriate… as it felt like the work was accomplished throughout the 24 hour day…

    Your home and Maggie are beautiful (each in their own unique ways!!)



    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, it would have been very appropriate since the 1 Day 1 World Project was about our lives. Seeing the progress as you prepared for the arrival of your first grand baby would have been very cool. I suspect Lisa will do something like this again. Patrick

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