A Road Runs Through

Today I took the PT Cruiser for a drive on the back roads in the hills east of Livermore which included a segment of the first transcontinental road, the Lincoln Highway. The end points are located at Times Square in New York City and near the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I stopped in one valley to look at a rock formation and the only sound I could hear was a steer bawling and a very faint rumble from a nearby interstate highway. Silence. Hearing no noise is something that does not happen very often in our busy world. Being happy in the moment.

8 thoughts on “A Road Runs Through

  1. Harry Briley

    There is a dog leg en route to NY that places a Lincoln Highway marker directly across the street of the White House. People are so busy gawking at the White House that they usually miss that unpresuming historical marker behind them.


    1. Interstate 40 replaced Route 66. In California and Nevada, Highway 50 is the approximate route for the Lincoln Highway. In Utah it connects with Interstate 80 going East to New York City.


        1. To satisfy my curiously I checked a map. Interstate 40, the Route 66 replacement, begins in Barstow CA and heads East to Oklahoma City where it turns North as interstate 44. Interstate 40 continues East all the way to Wilmington NC. Now I need to research the National Road you mentioned.


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