Ode To A Roll

Ode To A Roll

Two different camps have a way to mount
This indispensable commodity to wipe your butt
The first time I knew an insurrection existed
Was when my Aunt Bo called asking which way ours dispenses
Down the back is the way it has always been
It is then I was told that over the top is what is in
As the years have gone by I have seen both diections
With some very passionate about their butt cleaning selection
In the wee hours of this morning
The end of my roll was nowhere in sight
I suspected a friend had something do with this conundrum
After I questioned the culprit I was told
A gnome was responsible for the way that it falls
The reality is that I really don’t care
Which way my toilet paper comes off the roll

14 thoughts on “Ode To A Roll

    1. Wow Lisa! Another passionate over the top dispenser. Maybe it is something that men just don’t care about? I know in hotels they always make a nice looking fold at the end. Thanks for your vote in this now very unscientific poll. Patrick

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  1. I’ve been aware for sometime that over the top is in. Extroverted toilet paper, I say. It fits with our modern anything goes world.
    A toilet paper roll should be modestly and quietly hanging down from behind. It tears off better that way.
    But I must say I’m not OCD about it. If it’s on wrong, I don’t fix it.
    Funny post.


    1. Mrs. AHC, Your comment is as funny as my post!!! I’m glad to see someone else who is not OCD about dispensing this indispensable paper product. I never expected to see people so passionate about which way the bathroom tissue comes off the roll. Thanks for you addition to Ode To A Roll. Patrick


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