Our World…

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst created this amazing video over a six month period from the International Space Station. It shows how small and amazing our world really is…

4 thoughts on “Our World…

  1. It’s a small world indeed, Patrick. Whenever I get to feeling a bit big for my britches, I try to climb a mountain or look out over the Great Lake across from my house – and it helps put things in perspective for me.

    p.s. The shots of the Northern Lights makes me want to go tick off that bucket list item RIGHT NOW. Amazing. Haunting. Breathtaking.


    1. Whenever my problems start to seem too big, I take a step back and remember a day when I was flying to Las Vegas just for the day (work assignment…). As we were flying over a city, I realized there were people whom I could not see who had problems just like me. It was then I realized that my problems were not so big after all in the grand scheme of life. This video clip reminded me of that epiphany.

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