New Year ~ New Journey

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For many people, the New Year is a time for resolutions. These resolutions cover many things but are usually focused on some behavioral change. When I belonged to a gym, I dreaded the new year because of the sudden influx of people. After several weeks it would slowly return to “normal” but with a few new faces. Looking back, that New Year’s crowd was overweight and in poor shape and slowly disappeared. Being in my early 20’s and single, I had a lot of free time. Besides the gym every other day, I spent my time on my road bike logging miles after work to relieve stress. At six-foot one and tipping the scale at 145 pounds, I was extremely lean. My body type is that of a long distance runner (who happens to hate running) whose muscles gain strength but no bulk. People to this day are surprised by my strength due to my lean build.

When my kids came along, the road bike was stored away and a Burley bike trailer behind a mountain bike became my exercise. I rode up and down every single street in the neighborhood to get some exercise. As my daughter and son grew, my time was spent with them at their activities. This usually meant sitting for at least an hour. Exercise became walking the dog with my children and listening to their problems and offering direction. Both my daughter and son have graduated from University and are now chasing their dreams.

This New Year was the first with just Maggie and me. I have never been one to make resolutions with the change of the calendar. If there is something about my life that I feel needs to change, I just make the effort to change. As I reflect over the years since my days at the gym, I see a lot of changes in my life. Each phase in my life came with a different set of changes. Thankfully I no longer weigh 145 pounds because finding clothing in that size is near impossible. Even at my present 177 pounds, most of my clothing is ordered online because my size is never in the store.

Last year was full of more changes than I could ever imagine including an unexpected and unusual job change that was supposed to last at least one year. The assignment was to work for a sister laboratory. This required a lot of training as well as having to learn a different approach using the same tools and skills. Due to a glitch in the contract, I was told to report back to my group after only six months. I was quickly assigned to a program that has very challenging design problems. This job change is positive, but still a change that required getting reoriented once again.

The year 2015 is starting off with some excellent changes and it will no doubt be the year I begin a new journey. Where this new road leads, I haven’t the slightest clue. But I’m going to enjoy the changing scenery.

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