Nature Heals

Last summer I wrote about an arson fire that burned through the Arroyo near my home where Maggie and I walk quite often. It took several weeks to put out all the fire’s hot spots. In addition a bulldozer was brought in to cut fire breaks to protect the nearby homes. When all the work was completed, this open space was blackened and torn up. But nature always recovers from these man made burns, and sometimes natural burns, in ways that are amazing to me. This afternoon I captured these images that show, with a little rain, the grass and wildflowers are starting the recovery of this ecosystem.

17 thoughts on “Nature Heals

            1. I’m serious. Lisa at Northwest West Frame of Mind won a Starbucks card awhile back for my picture of the Saint Louis Arch. Free coffee, tea, or whatever your heart desires complements of the Red Dog Garage.


    1. I think I have five or six of my favorite photos that will cycle through on my blog. Yes, a vineyard. Cancannon Winery to be precise. Autumn in California’s lesser known, and less crowded, wine country is very beautiful. Captured this image on the way home from work.


      1. My daughter and her significant other have told me that October is the time to visit Napa… We’re planning on either April or Oct. And we’re going to take your advice and not just stay in Napa, but visit other areas as well.


        1. April and October are two very good months to visit. In April everything is usually still green. In October it is cooler. I enjoy the spring and fall weather in my valley the best.


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