Rats By The Stats

If you have hung around the Red Dog Garage for any length of time you have no doubt read my post on making a rat trap extremely deadly or have seen a post about the near cult status it has taken on (or maybe there are a lot of rat infestations and people are desperate for a humane solution). A recent trip into the stats page here at the garage took me by surprise concerning this very post. The post was written in November 2013 and was meant as a parody on redneck modifications to a rat trap but has continued to be very popular. About now you are either say to yourself, “not another rat stat post” or “really, what are the numbers?”. For those data hounds who are interested, I will be glad to torture the former who are not.

Month Views
11/13 – 24
12/13 – 18
01/14 – 14
02/14 – 33
03/14 – 35
04/14 – 30
05/14 – 35
06/14 – 11
07/14 – 13
08/14 – 01
09/14 – 26
10/14 – 24
11/14 – 34
12/14 – 27
01/15 – 33
02/15 – 22
03/15 – 31
04/15 – 18 so far

That would be a total of 429 views and counting on how to modify a rat trap. Now some of you successful bloggers might get that many views on one post in a single day. But here at the Red Dog Garage security is managed by Maggie and she insists on the most restrictive blog security as possible. But type in “making a rat trap deadly” in your favorite search engine and it will return my rat trap post as the número uno (that’s for you Rose) result. Now that I consider successful.

And for the record, my modified traps have killed three rats in the Summer Kitchen so far this year. I also used the nice rat picture because my Mom does not like the dead rat pictures.

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