Choosing To Be Happy – No. 61

Today I am choosing to be happy for the weeds in my lawn. These weeds do not seem to care that there is a drought here in California. They are much taller than the grass and have very shallow roots which makes them easy to remove. Weeding my lawn has given me an opportunity to go out and sit in the afternoon shade and just be in the moment and put my mind in neutral. Maggie is keeping herself busy protecting her “pasture” from the squirrels.

As the weeds began to make a pile, I noticed a lesson about life. I started to see each weed as a problem. Each problem was dealt with by pulling it out and setting it aside in the pile. The lawn started to look better and eventually the pile of weeds was put in the green waste can to never be seen again. Problems solved. No doubt new weeds will appear but they too can be removed, put in a pile, and sent away.

Today was a happy day!

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