Energy Report Most people would not think of an old house as energy-efficient. Old houses do have a lot of character but on a cold and windy night you can feel the draft. The best attribute of my neighborhood is that no two houses are the same. It has everything from Victorians to Ranch Houses, Post World War II to modern designs. All blend into the eclectic nature of the Old South Side. Every two months I receive an Energy Report from the utility company. The first time my old house (circa 1908) was rated as better than “Efficient Similar Homes”, I thought it was a fluke. As expected, “Similar Homes” are less efficient than newer homes. I can only concluded that the energy-efficient appliances (minus my 1950 Wedgwood Stove), investment in LED and CFL light bulbs, a programmable thermostat, Energy Star electronics, and being mindful of energy use has paid off.