This past weekend I went for a hike starting at Seal Point Park and headed South along the San Francisco Bay. My friend Lisa and I have been having a “friendly debate” over the history of Seal Point Park. The “hill” that covers most of this park has a man-made appearance and my observation that it looked like an old land fill has been disputed. I have been searching for the history of Seal Point Park but found nothing until I checked a site called wikimapia, which was suggested by a co-worker, where one can explore the history of various places that are usually not marked. According to wikimapia, Seal Point Park was a landfill from the 1930’s through the 1980’s. Sometime in the 1990’s, the land fill was capped and transformed into a park. On top of the “hill” is this unique wind mill that I see as a flower. As the sun was setting, the metal flower was reflecting the fading light. The view from the top of Seal Point Park was a reason to be in the moment. Hiking is always a happy way to spend an afternoon.