Choosing To Be Happy – No. 70


Choosing To Be Happy – Tested

This past weekend, my employer automatically updated the software on my computer with the latest round of security patches. This is always a concern since things don’t always work according to the general plan (my computer tends to be finicky since I use computer intensive design software). And then it happened. My computer hung around noon yesterday. I figured a quick reboot would take care of the problem. No such luck. When I left work yesterday it was attempting to load the operating system. I arrived this morning to discover it was still hung. After several attempts to do what I could with my limited permissions, I called for IT support and my computer was given a high priority to hopefully be fixed. In the mean time, I started to revive my old computer from the Windows XP era (now with Windows 7). When the IT guy showed up, I told him my old computer had vacuum tubes inside. He laughed and said, “good to see your sense of humor is still intact”. That is when I made the connection to my choosing to be series.

As far as today’s image, I decided to include a recycled picture of my drafting table. When I did my work on a drafting table with vellum, various tools, and a pencil, the worst thing to happen was a broken pencil lead. A spin in the sharpener and a scuff on the sandpaper and I was back to drawing.

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