Narrow Road


I chose long ago
To walk a narrow road
A road high above
The grade can be steep
But with places to rest

This road is very challenging
Determined to test one’s resolve
Laws of man and God collide
The resulting mess seeks to destroy
To draw one away into the abyss

To seek comfort in the world?
To compromise the truth?
To drink from the well of bitterness?
To choose the broad way?
All not found on the narrow road

I decided to go out into the desert
To look for reasons to be happy
To push away the madness
To heal the wounds
To find peace in knowing Jesus

God has provided
An opportunity for my talents
To once again facilitate
A discussion about the Bible
My time in the desert is over

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction.
~ Jesus ~

8 thoughts on “Narrow Road

  1. I am glad the Lord is leading you back to share your time & talents with those of us, whose paths shall cross with yours! Today mine crossed yours via Unshakable Hope’s recent comment thread! I was touched to hear you share of your experience of being pulled into the desert for a time to reflect and redirect…and your trust that He is bringing you back to share His message (and what you have learned during your time alone with Him) with those He desires you to now meet! My hugs n’ blessings go with you!


    1. Dawn, Thanks for stopping by the Garage and leaving your encouraging words. Since starting this blog I have met many people who have encouraged me through their posts and comments. God truly blesses those who choose to follow His Son. There have been some amazing experiences along the narrow road and what I have learned in the desert. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Patrick

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