Riches & Happiness

Riches piled up all around
We buy bigger homes
Fill up the garage
Rent space for our treasures
What we throw away
Another collects
We pursue perfection
Antique stores filled with collections
Stores stocked with too many choices
One without a home walks by
All they own in a shopping cart
To truly become rich
We must become poor
Happiness is not what we own
It is found in those we know

10 thoughts on “Riches & Happiness

      1. Yes, in some agreement. Thank you for clarifying, Patrick!

        On re-reading, noted “or not managed properly” in my comment would have definitely been clearer, rather than my use of “and”. “ways indirect”: sacrifices due to greed of material including relationships, life itself, environmental damage, wasted resources for upkeep etc All in all, we are essentially along the same lines that greed for excess material is bad… 🙂

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