Choosing To Be Happy – No. 87


This past Sunday, Lisa and I went for a drive along the coast from Half Moon Bay to Pigeon Point. Before our journey, we stopped for lunch at the 3-Zero Cafe which is located in the terminal building for the Half Moon Bay Airport. It was obvious to me that this is a local favorite. The food was hot and delicious. The atmosphere is that of a local eatery that does not cater to the tourist plying the coast. After lunch, we head south along Highway 1 with clear weather and just a few cars to share the road. A truly relaxing drive.


We brought the pups, Maggie and Sally, along for a hike along the bluff. Ice Plant grows in abundance along the edge of the bluff. Most of the flowers had faded but these two yellow blooms brightened the path.


Ice plant is very hardy and can tolerate drought, poor soil conditions, and salty air.


The usual fog was nowhere to be seen and it was clear to the horizon. During our hike along the bluff, I only saw one sail boat that was headed north.


The sound of the ocean crashing upon the rocky shore is soothing. When one considers the violent nature of the waves and jagged rocks, it is a paradox.


The two horns above are located in the Fog Signal Building. At one time they were powered by steam that required the burning of 1 cord of wood per hour to warn the ships away from the jagged shoreline.


The Pigeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1871 and is the tallest lighthouse on the U.S. West Coast. Today it still serves as a U.S. Coast Guard navigation aid as well as a hostel for those traveling through the area. While the lighthouse has been fenced off due to the ravages of time, the original Fresnel lens, comprised of 1,008 prisms, is on display in the Fog Signal Building. Overall it was a fun and relaxing day and a reason to be happy.

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