Bordom & Stats


Today I decided it was time to fine tune various setting on my blog and see if there were any new features. Most of my posts contain pictures captured by the camera in my OnePlus One cell phone and very seldom is there any post editing. I usually write my posts using the Android app on my cell. I have learned that futzing around is best done at my computer where working in the admin area is far easier. Of course, this led to looking at the stats for my blog (thanks for this idea Nancy). Anyone who has been around the garage for some time can already guess my top post (which is also number one in a Google search). So with no further ado, the latest list of my top 10 posts.

No. 1 – Making A Rat Trap Extremely Deadly (three times more views than No. 2)

No. 2 – Who Am I

No. 3 – Glitter Poop (glitter is banned from my home)

No. 4 – Murphy’s Law

No. 5 – The Missing “r”

No. 6 – Failed Blogger

No. 7 – A Thousand Words

No. 8 – Gearhead Daughter

No. 9 – A True Redneck Car Truck Thing

No. 10 – Father & Daughter Car Repair No. 2

So once again, how to kill rats is more popular than who I am. Apparently a lot of dogs are pooping glitter (a little know fact, Unicorns fart glitter). I’m glad to see that working in the garage with my daughter has remained in the top 10. But smack dab in the middle are my only two posts about my editing skills and blogging failure (not really). Being an optimist, apparently the letter “r” has gone missing for many people. There are also many blogger’s searching for reasons why blogs fail (I am happy to report, I am not the number one Google result when it comes to a failed blog…just how to kill a rat). I hope this posts has put a smile on your face.

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