Lisa, Sally, Maggie and I will be hiking the Valley View Trail went for a walk through downtown and along the Arroyo Macho Trail on Black Friday.
On Saturday we made it to Valley View in Sycamore Grove Park.

4 thoughts on “#OptOutside

      1. No – we’re in the truck. The Saab’s been in storage for months now. Ed’s holding onto it for resale value. The older it gets, the more it’ll be worth. 25 years old now – officially an antique/collector car.

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        1. Old car prices are climbing fast. You can tell Ed that a early 70’s BMW 2000Tii goes for around $37k. I’m hoping my PT Cruiser GT fetches some big bucks down the road. With Saab no longer making cars, hopefully that will drive up the price and collector value.

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