Choosing To Be Happy – No. 111

Those who have worked on their own sprinkler system would not see this image as a reason to be happy. This past week after work, I have been swapping out twelve sprinkler heads so that I can return this area to dog friendly grass.

As I was digging and changing heads, I recalled the day when my son was five years old and was helping me install the nozzles on the new heads. Bill followed me around the yard on his tricycle. In the bucket on the back was the supply of different nozzles in bags for the sprinkler bodies. I would ask for the one I needed and Bill would look through his supply and bring it to me. That was in the spring of 1998. Bill is now studying for his Masters Degree in Montreal and I’m still working on the sprinklers we installed together. Good memories are a reason to be happy! Hope you all have a weekend filled with happiness.

5 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 111

  1. It amazed me to see so much engineering work you have done in your house and yard. Never-ending work; and you are still working on the sprinkler while Bill is working on his MS degree. 🙂

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    1. My old house has kept me busy over the years. When I moved in, the first project was a seismic upgrade to anchor the house to the foundation and strengthen the cripple walls (required by the insurance company after the Northridge earthquake). Six months of working under the house during my free time. Then the old knob and tube wiring was replaced. All of the plumbing, supply and waste, was torn out and new installed. The whole yard, front and back were completely redone. The list goes on. The only job I hired out was painting the exterior of the house. Took the contractor well over a month to complete. Restoring and preserving this old house has been fun. The most amazing fact is that I’ve had only one injury requiring a trip to urgent care. A good safety record.

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    1. Bill loves Montreal and McGill. His apartment is about a block from the Music School. Bill has been very busy between his studies, performing, girlfriend, and social life. I’m happy to see that he is chasing his dream. At some point I hope to take a trip to Montreal for a visit.

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