A Million Dollar House



1180 Square Feet
3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
Landscaping is weeds
Busy Street
Real Estate near S.F. is Unreal

10 thoughts on “A Million Dollar House

    1. That is what it should be! The pictures really don’t do this house justice. I see it as a tear down and rebuild. As I told Lisa, if one was to buy this house, they would spend all of their free time for years to do repairs and make it livable.


    1. Napa is an expensive area to live…as is most of the Bay Area. I could not afford to purchase nor rent my home if my attorney and mortgage broker did not secure it for me. There are a lot of people like your daughter who have good jobs and cannot afford to buy a house. Many end up with a 1 to 2 hour commute, or longer, to find a house they can afford.


    1. San Francisco just became more expensive to buy a home than New York City. The high tech industry is driving the skyrocketing house prices as well as rents. The American Dream of owning a home now includes a horrendous commute. I think the American Dream of homeownership is slipping away.


      1. Same in Toronto and Vancouver. You’re either buying 90 mins outside the city for something affordable (< $500k ) or you're paying $800k fir a teardown. I'm not even kidding. Don't know how my kids will do it (without a lot of help from me).


        1. I think the demand for small homes by the generation now entering the job market is partially driven by the cost of the large homes built over the past 20 years. One of my friends has a down payment and can afford the monthly payment but the property taxes (~1% of the house value) puts homeownership out of reach.

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    1. The pictures do not convey the true condition of this house. It caught my attention due to the musty old smoker house smell as I walked by. As I viewed it from the sidewalk, it world either require gutting the house to the studs or just tear down and start over. Amazing how little $1 million will buy just north of Silicon Valley.

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