Untrained Eye?

For many people, the following clip would be interesting but they may not fully understand the destructive forces involved. When I viewed this clip, I was amazed at what I was seeing. To help you understand the significance of this weapon, I have added descriptions below that correspond to the time frame in the video:

00:12 – The projectile is passing through steel plates at 4,500 miles per hour. If a passenger jet could travel this fast, a flight from San Francisco to New York and back to San Francisco would take just over an hour.
00:36 – The projectile is destroying a warhead with its kinetic energy.
00:40 – High speed image of the projectile passing through a concrete wall that appears to be about 12 inches thick.
00:57 – The projectile is fired through multiple steel plated with an appropriate thickness of 2 inches each (think multiple decks of a ship if coming straight down). I would venture to guess that the projectile would completely pass through a cruise ship if fired from the side.
02:07 – The projectile is fired through three reinforced concrete walls with an approximate thickness of 12 inches each (3 feet of reinforced concrete…that is insane).
02:28 – Real time footage of just how fast the destruction occurs.

The projectile uses kinetic energy, or its speed and weight, to destroy the target.

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