It has been almost a year since I left my trusty Windows Phone and started using a OnePlus One. First introduced in the Spring of 2014, the One had impressive specifications at an affordable price. It was to be the Flagship Killer but has failed to gain traction. This could be in part due to what happened shortly after setting up my new phone, OnePlus had a falling out with their operating system partner, CyanogenMod. Being that I keep my cellphone longer than most people, this was bad news. But OnePlus had a solution in their own version of Android, OxygenOS. After a frustrating update to the new operating system, life was good. Then stability problems started to appear and I could no longer trust my phone to deliver calls, SMS, or email. After too many weeks of waiting for customer assistance, along with more emails that all of my previous cells phones combined, my One was flashed back to CyanogenMod, which is basically a dead end operating system. At this point I had had enough frustration and it was time to move on too soon. It is clear in hindsight that OnePlus lost their loyalty to their first customers. Without good customer service, OnePlus will be destined to go the way of so many companies who have failed to gain market shares in a highly competitive market.