Elite Double Standard

We have met the enemy and he is us.
~ Walt Kelly ~

For many people, the drama playing out concerning Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server, as well as several personal smart phones, while Secretary of State is little more than election year politics. For those government employees and contractors who work with classified information, this is a test of America’s Federal Law as well as the U.S. Justice system and whether the political elite will protect each other.

The rules concerning the handling of classified information are very clear. Every year training is required. Permission to access classified information must be granted. All email containing classified information must be marked and that is the responsibility of the author. Classified information can only be used on a government owned computer system. The computer system cannot be connected to a public internet system. A classified intranet must have an air gap between it and the internet. No personal electronic devices can be in the immediate area while processing classified information. Classified information cannot be removed from the area where the use of classified data is permitted. If a classified information system is comprised it must be reported immediately to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of classified matter.

Hillary Clinton knowingly disregard Federal Laws for her personal convince and then committed perjury to various authorities and the American people multiple times. These are facts that cannot be ignored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, or the State Department. Ultimately Hillary Clinton’s manager at the time was responsible for assuring the Secretary of State followed the rules. It is now President Obama’s responsibility to assure the Federal Laws are enforced. 

Federal Law – Title 18

8 thoughts on “Elite Double Standard

      1. I said to my husband that it is not HC’s and CT’s faults to be where they are. The part has gone really wrong is these millions of voters! Information is out there for people to read, know, and understand. But, they chose to listen to what they want to hear and give these two support. It’s frightening to think how the result in Nov. will impact on the future of our country and especially our young generation, since he/she will be rewarded by their wrong doings.
        Sorry about the lengthy comment.

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        1. The press also has a responsibility in how we got to this point. They provided coverage to those who were the most entertaining and the viewers ate it up and believed what they were fed. Now the press, for the most part, is ignoring the fact laws have been broken because they don’t understand the true ramifications. There were better qualified people in both parties but they could not create the ratings for the networks.

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