Standing On My Own

You took me for everything that I had,
And kicked me out on my own.
Are you happy, are you satisfied.
How long can you stand the heat…
There are plenty of ways you can hurt a man.
And bring him to the ground.
You can beat him.
You can cheat him.
You can treat him bad and leave him.
When he’s down…
I’m standing on my own two feet…
Another one bites the dust.
~ Freddie Mercury ~

As with the death of a loved one, there will be times you hear, see, or do things that will remind you of the marriage you once had. My ex-wife wanted to have Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” played as the last song before we left the wedding reception because a good man was no longer single.

Last night as I sat at my kitchen table cleaning a target mechanism, this song started to play and I noticed the words in a new light (I never actually analyzed the lyrics before). Apparently this song ended up being a self-fulling prophecy for my ex-wife’s behavior in the last years of our marriage.

As the song ended, I realized that it all worked out and that I’m now standing on my own two feet. I no longer live in an environment of emotional abuse. Recovering from the emotional turmoil of family law takes time, but happiness does return. Life is good.

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