Life Matters

Look up and see. Another beautiful sunrise and a new day. Beyond the clouds a vast universe exists. Each of us is but a grain of sand on the beach of this great expanse.

Which lives matter? We are all part of the human race. We all have the same color of blood. My donated blood, along with many other donors, may have saved you or a loved one’s life. There is no reason to spill the blood of another. No reason to think one life is more important than the next. Life matters.

Jesus himself understood the complexities of human interactions. His team of Apostles came from all parts of the Jewish cultural spectrum. From a tax collector working for Rome to a Zealot who desired to overthrow the Roman Empire. A theif who would betray his trust to the working class living day to day. Jesus brought them together and, over a two year period, prepared then to be the foundation of a belief based on love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.


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