Choosing To Be Happy – No. 129

After finishing the repair to a wall that was cut open to replace a vent pipe, along with all the other prep work, primer is finally covering the repairs and previous colors of the Red Dog Estate main bathroom. Back in 2001, this bathroom was gutted to the studs, rafters, and sub-floor and completely redone by me. The only fixtures that was not torn out was the Art Deco tub and the acrylic tub surround. Both were in very good condition. It is time for a fresh coat of paint and a better choice of colors. All part of moving on which includes all new painting tools since all of my Purdy paint brushes, roller frame and roller covers went missing. At the time possessions were being divided, the tools were given to me and all of the china and crystal went to my ex-wife. She stalled for several days in making a decision concerning this deal. I now see that she was pilfering tools before she agreed to the compromise. My ex-wife did receive all of the china and crystal plus many of the antique items we had collected over the years. I’m amazed at what I have found missing that according to the Final Judgement was suppose to be my property. In the end it can all be replaced but it has more to do with principles, trust, and integrity.

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