Break Time

It has been a busy day at the Red Dog Estate. Maggie is no slouch. Even on the weekend, breakfast must be served at 0630. I tried ignoring Maggie, but when you have two paws on your chest and a nose in your face, it is difficult not to notice breakfast is late. After feeding time, I went to work on the bathroom painting project. I finished priming the wainscoting, baseboards, and window sashes. Instead of watching the lastest coat of paint dry, I went out to the garage and installed the remaining seven coil packs, as well as a new throttle position (I left out a bunch of technical details as to why the throttle position sensor was also changed), in the truck. The old Dodge has continued to run a little rough but no check engine light. I’ve always believed in preventive maintenance. If one of eight parts fail, the rest are not far behind. With this problem now solved, it was back to the bathroom to finish putting the first coat of paint on the wainscoting and baseboard. Time to take a break while the paint dries. Be sure to laugh and smile today.

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