2000 in 2016


For those who have been following the Red Dog Garage from its early days, you will no doubt recall my blog post on how to make a rat trap deadly. This post came about after reading Mrs. AHC’s not so fun adventure with finding a rat’s nest during renovations to their old house. My mention of two modifications that I make to Victor Rat Traps lead to writing a post which has now become the number one site when someone Googles how to kill rats efficiently. Sometime today this blog post will be viewed for the two thousandth time in 2016. As you can imagine, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, October through December have the highest number of views per day when the cold weather sets in and the rats look for warmer lodging. The WordPress stats for this blog post have grown exponentially since its debut in October 2013. I expect Maggie will continue to be the famous rat hunting dog with an owner who tinkers with rat traps.

There is a side story to this post that has never been told. Several months after documenting my rat trap modifications, I found myself sorting through the household items that had been hoarded in the basement by my now ex-wife. I soon discover rat droppings everywhere on everything left by my three dead rats. I quickly decided that there was nothing worth keeping on this side of the basement. When the day came for my soon to be ex-wife to clear her hoard out of the basement, with the help of her older brother and his girlfriend, I quietly waited for the cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual influences the future of that individual…better know as karma…to come to fruition. After several minutes in the basement, all three quickly retreated after being showered with rat shit droppings as items were pulled off the top shelves. Of course I had no idea of how bad it really was at the time, but being the gracious person that I am, I quickly offered up my HEPA filtered shop vacuum to help with the mess. After some additional cleaning several days later, and a wash down with a bleach solution, my basement was now clean and empty and remains free of all rats and clutter.

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