Choosing To Be Happy – No. 146

Maggie woke me up way too early for a Saturday morning wanting her breakfast. While I waited for her to go outside after eating, I enjoyed the sunrise. Getting up was not so bad after all and a good reason to be happy. 

6 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 146

    1. Thanks, Robbye! You are correct about it not always being easy. This series has helped me stay focused on being happy through some difficult times. After 146 reasons it has become much easier to choose happiness over the alternatives. It has been good for my soul.

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      1. Patrick,

        I can only imagine how difficult it must have been at times!

        I hear people all the time advocating for starting a Happiness Journal. I haven’t yet, perhaps I should.

        Thank you for starting your blog, I have enjoyed what I read so far (and gagged a little over the mice/rat pics).


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