Great Grandmother’s Paperwhites

Several posts ago I shared an image of Paperwhites growing in my yard. These flowers are direct descendant of Paperwhites that were grown by my great-grandmother.

Recently I was looking through photo albums my mom has kept and I discovered some interesting family history. The first is the similarities of my Great grandparent’s house and mine.

Both have a wrap around front porch and dormer on the front. The picket fence design is also very close to the fence my dad and I built for my home to keep the dogs safe.

I also enjoyed seeing that my great-grandmother’s dog (she actually had several over the years) was by her side and included in many pictures. The dog in the image below was named Skipper and was most likely a border collie, Australia shepherd or some combination. I remember my mom telling stories of Skipper and how my great-grandmother trained him to carry an egg in his mouth from the chicken coop to the kitchen without damage. Skipper was also good at helping my mom find my uncle and their cousins when they played hide-and-seek on the ranch as children.

This past weekend I spent a good part of the days working on maintaining the Red Dog Estate gardens. My great-grandmother had a love of gardening and grew the Paperwhites to sell for the Chinese New Year celebrations. As I went about my chores in the garden and cleaned up around the Paperwhites, I could see that my love of gardening, and having Maggie as my constant companion, no doubt came from my great-grandmother. Even though Mary passed away before I was born, I am carrying on her legacy.

Note: Images were created from originals using PhotoScan by Google on my Nexus 6p.

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