Choosing To Be Happy – No. 151

The Granada Native Garden is located along the Arroyo Mocho Trail. This plot of land is between a four lane street and the Arroyo Mocho. Before it was a garden, it was a patch of weeds and debris. The garden was created to show residents how to landscape with plants native to Northern California. As Lisa and I, along with Maggie and Sally, were walking by the garden, I captured this picture of California’s official flower. The California Poppy, or eschscholiza californica, was designated the state flower in 1903. This time of year many places are covered with this native plant. The blossoms open at sunrise to soak up the sun’s rays and close again at sunset. But not all California Poppies are orange. There are genetic variations that bloom a cream color and at one time both colors grew at the Red Dog Estate. It is difficult not to be happy when you see so many orange blossoms.

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