Crazy House Price

Back in April of last year, I shared what a million dollar house looked like in Northern California. I normally don’t watch the news but yesterday I did. ABC7 News (San Francisco) aired a story about a red tagged house that is for sale for $830,000 and it has no backyard. The hill the house was built on slid away leaving part of the foundation exposed. The estimated cost to restore the missing hillside is $250,000 on top of any structural repairs to the house. The news story said this house and property with the necessary repairs was a bargain at $1.08 million because the houses in this area sell for a cool $4 million! Anyone interested in the ultimate fixer-upper?

The house I shared last year will now set you back $1,179,000 for 1180 square feet with one bathroom. If you decided to rent, plan on paying $3,950 per month.

5 thoughts on “Crazy House Price

    1. The really crazy part is that someone will buy it, repair the problems, and sell it for more money. Anyone trying to buy a house without an all cash deal is usually out bid. One house near mine sold for $100,000 over the asking price. 😵

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      1. I believe it! I have relatives in Southern California and they bought their homes back in the 1970’s. Today, these same homes are worth 5x as much! And double wow!!! about a house being sold for $100,000 over the asking price. Just wow.!!

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