Choosing To Be Happy – No. 169

My plans after work did not go as I had hoped but I still found reasons to be happy. The first chore on my list was to change the engine oil and filter on the Dodge. This went as planned but while I was waiting for the oil to drain, I found a leak in the cooling system. Once I completed the oil change and cleaned up, I started the process of finding a replacement upper radiator hose assembly with the radiator cap in the middle of the hose. Suspecting this would not be a cheap fix, I called a local parts house and the replacement was in stock. An hour later, one busted knuckle, and the repair was complete. As I was cleaning up for a second time, I thought about all the times as a little kid where I watched and “helped” my dad work on the family car. It was from this experience that I learned about vehicle repair and maintenance. At the end of the day, I was truly happy.

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