Choosing To Be Happy – No. 170

The weather has finally cooled down at the Red Dog Estate. The scorching temperatures took their toll on the Roses and other plants. The Hydrangeas are very toasted (I’ve decided that between the heat and frost they are not suitable for the garden). While Maggie explored the front forty with Sally, I looked around and found a few plants making a valient effort to recover their beauty.

I decided to have another go at turning the old Plum tree stump into a fire pit. They say California is the land of fruits and nuts. There are many orchards that supply the nation but I believe that the greatest concentration is in the State Capital. The politicians have all but banned wood burning fireplaces and stoves, but anyone can go down to the hardware store and buy a fire pit for the patio. 😐 So I have split the remaining stump and enjoying my fire pit on the last days of summer. A happy day at the Red Dog Estate.

5 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 170

  1. Haha. Many orchards that supply the nation. Very clever. I have in my drafts a post called The Fruit & Nut Farm. Now I might have to hold off or you will think I copied you. 😀 (Banned wood stoves– they would never get away with that in PA.) I think.

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    1. Glad I made you laugh. I find it difficult to imagine that you could plagiarize the crazy that is the California Air Resources Board. In the rural areas, the politicians have less power because it is the Republican stronghold. One can even apply for and receive a concealed carry permit! I’m now looking forward to reading about the Fruit & Nut Farm. ☺️

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        1. Figured as much. 😉 Burning agriculture debris (like tree stumps or old grapevines) requires a burn permit. A backyard fire pit does not. Santa Rosa Plum fire wood makes a pleasant aroma as it burns…like a campfire. Life is good!

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