Garden Project – No. 2

For those who may be keeping score on my process to remove the Plum tree stump, so far it has resisted several attempts to use it as a fire pit with the intent to convert it to ash. Since fire has failed, the second plan was been to clear the dirt around the stump to allow the use of a chainsaw to cut it down to size. Knowing that saw chains and dirt are a bad combination, I was careful to cleared the soil and hosed off the stump before using the chainsaw. Like many things in life, looks can be deceiving. What appeared to be solid root was really layers of root and dirt which instantly dulled the saw chain. I have moved on to the third plan which uses my trusty Milwaukee Sawzall with a serious wood cutting blade. After an hour of cutting and prying, about 1/3 of the stump has been removed. At this point you may be wondering why I did not hire someone to grind the stump? That process would have cost about $300. Alternatively, I could have rented a stump grinder with 4 hours costing $100 but the idea of cleaning up the wood chips and dirt was not appealing. In addition, moving and operating a heavy machine is not lower back friendly. As I have dug around the stump, I suspect that it would take longer than the minimum time causing the rental cost to increase. I’ve decided that at this moment in my life, I have more time than discretionary funds. In life we may have to forgo the quick solution and do the hard labor to live within our means. With this philosophy in mind, I will continue to dig and slowly cut this stump from the ground.

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