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This weekend Lisa and I, along with the dogs, headed north to the far reaches of the California coast to visit my daughter. Maggie and Sally enjoyed the drive and the new smells wherever we stopped. Since Lisa has never been to this part of California, I thought a drive along the Avenue of the Giants would make the long drive more tolerable. This route goes through the old growth Redwood groves of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. But first we decided to drive through the Chandler Tree.

The Dodge Dakota had just inches to spare on each side and about 6 inches above. The scar on the lower image can be seen in the upper giving you a sense of the size of this ~2400 year old Redwood Tree.

The trees above have a circumference of about 30 feet. 

The cross section of the tree below shows major events in history in relation to the growth rings.

This tree fell in 2009 and has an approximate diameter of 7 feet.

Standing among these giant Redwood trees is truly amazing.