Avenue of the Giants Continued… 

On our journey home, Lisa and I finished driving the Avenue of the Giants. The Redwood tress in this grove are truly astounding due to their immense size. These giants are among the largest living trees in the world.

Normally the height of a person or another object, like a pickup truck, can give one a sense to the scale of an object. These trees must be seen to appreciate their unique place in the world. 

Lisa and I had a great time walking on Clam Beach with Holly and the dogs.

Maggie and Sally were able to be off leash and they enjoyed running in circles around us. At one point I was looking to see where Maggie got off to and saw her happily splashing around in a stream that crossed the beach. Maggie definitely enjoyed her visit to the beach. The sky was clear, which according to Holly is not the norm, and the cool ocean breeze was a refreshing change. The wind was blowing, and making waves in the fine sand, but it was still comfortable. 

It was a long drive for a short visit but it was a great weekend. 

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