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Yesterday morning I started the second stage of repairing the water damaged wood on the porch. I used Abatron WoodEpox which is specifically designed to repair damaged wood especially on old houses. The WoodEpox is mixed in equal parts and kneaded like bread dough. Once mixed it is pushed into the nooks and crannies of the damaged wood and formed by hand to the basic shape of the missing wood and left to cure.

Once WoodEpox sets up it can be shaped with the same tools used for wood working. I used a Japanese cross cut saw to trim the filler flush with the column and then sanded to blend in with the surrounding wood. 

Once I cleaned up the dust, a coat of primer was applied to all of the sanded surfaces. 

The next step will be caulking around the base of each column before the new crown moldings are installed. Maggie supervised my work as well as watched out over the neighborhood. A very good day at the Red Dog Estate.