Choosing To Be Happy – No. 175

This past Saturday, Lisa and I, along with Maggie and Sally, stopped by my parent’s house for a visit and to take care of a few minor chores. Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers several years ago and is limited to what he is still able to do around the house. Thankfully though, dad is still enjoying the garden. One of the chores I was assigned was to put two new tennis balls on a walker that dad uses to safely get out of his chair (both Lisa and I cringed as I cut into two brand new tennis balls for the walker). As any tennis player knows, there are three balls in a can. Maggie claimed the third ball and spent quite a while playing fetch in the house (I never would have gotten away with throwing a ball in the house as a kid). At one point Maggie lost track of her tennis ball and attempted to steal one from dad’s walker. Maggie and her ball made us all laugh with her antics. 

3 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 175

    1. I figured this story about Maggie and her ball would be enjoyed by many readers. Getting her to sit still long enough for a photograph was challenging with several blurry ones still waiting to be deleted.

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