Choosing To Be Happy – No. 177

My trusty Dodge Dakota has been sending various error codes related to the ignition system. One day the engine would run smooth and the next day not so well. Last Thursday’s drive home was uneventful. Friday morning I started the engine to head off to work and noises eminated from under the hood that no mechanic wants to hear. After checking several possibilities on Saturday it came down to either the powertrain control module (PCM) or a dropped valve. I held out hope it was the PCM but received word from the mechanic today it is what I first suspected, a dropped valve. Whether it has caused damage to the piston and cylindler will be known once the heads are removed.

Replacing the Dodge with a newer truck would be nice but the overall costs with a loan, higher registration fees, insurance, and the fact that the median price of a new vehicle is an eye popping $33,560 (Kelly Blue Book, April 2017), repairing the motor financially makes sense. 

I decided to look at the silver lining because I have a repair shop I trust, within walking distance, and I have the PT Cruiser GT to drive while the Dakota is being resurrected.

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