Choosing To Be Happy – No. 185

Way back on Choosing To Be Happy – No. 111, I started a series of garden projects that restored lawn to the front yard of the Red Dog Estate. Next up was the removal of the Plum tree which culminated in the removal of the stump. A raised vegetable garden that was abandoned was taken apart and dirt moved to the various projects and made into a flower garden. The last area was a patch of dirt that Maggie and Sally decided was a fun spot to dig. The master plan has been to return this area to grass but I needed to wait until we received some rain. When the rain finally arrived, this area quickly became the source of muddy dog paws in the house, hence the picket fence. There were several bulbs that I needed to move once they sprouted. This past week all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. This afternoon, after a trip to the garden center, I moved the last of the bulbs, added two bags of soil, starter fertilizer, and grass seed. In about ten days the grass should start to grow. This series of garden projects is finally done. Now I can sit back and watch the grass grow and enjoy the new gardens at the Red Dog Estate.

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