The Big Dig – Day 5

Today I spent my lunch break meeting with the city inspector, who signed off the permit for the new sewer line after a “running water test”. The inspector owns an old house that was built in the late 20’s. Seeing my torn up yard, and a pile of broken up terra cotta pipe, had him wondering about the condition of his main sewer. After work my friend Keith came buy to help fill the trench to get The Beast out of purgatory. My neighbor’s youngest daughter loves tractors so when they arrived home I let each daughter help me move some dirt. Maggie has also been busy supervising to make sure everything is in order. The Beast will be cleaned tomorrow and sent back to its lair. Now I can slow down the pace as I finish filling the trench, repair the sprinklers, and reseed the lawn. I’m very happy to have the critical milestones complete.

4 thoughts on “The Big Dig – Day 5

    1. I’ve been dreading this repair for quite a while. I considered hiring a contractor but the math drove me to tackle this project. I’m happy it is almost done.


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