The Big Dig – Day 11

By day 11 of the Big Dig, all of the old sewer pipe was gathered up, along with the broken sprinkler pipes and used up supplies, and loaded into the utility trailer. In my corner of the world it is very expensive to dump construction debris in the land fill. I decided to make the most of my trip so everything behind the garage that did not have a useful purpose was also loaded in the utility trailer or recycled in the organics can.

This area behind the Red Dog Garage had been a collection of lumber, pots, and just about anything that could be used but never was. Keith came by and took some usable lumber for projects around his place. The pots and stepping stones were placed on the front curb and were gone within a couple of hours. The trip to the landfill was uneventful with no flat tires but cost a whopping $97.50. At the end of the day, it was satisfying to have the estate cleaned up.

Today is another down day of working on several small projects and chores around the house.

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