The wild fires in northern California are well over 100 miles away from the Red Dog Estate, but the smoke can be seen far from where the fires are raging. The last two mornings the sunlight shining through the eastern facing windows has been a deep red. Yesterday morning I could barely see the hills that surround the valley and the air smelled of burning forest. Many of the forest areas I have visited are overgrown with Manzanita and the ground is thick with duff. The Bark Beetle has killed many trees which add fuel to the rapidly spreading fires. Contrary to what has been reported, this summer has been cooler than most with no high temperature records having been broken. It really comes down to poor management of the forests. Fire has always been a part of a healthy forest in California but forest fires has been suppressed for many decades creating the conditions we are seeing. Factor in that many people are choosing to live in these forested areas, but fail to create a defensible space around their homes or towns, and you have the conditions for the fire storms we are seeing. My heart goes out to those affected by these fires.