On the Other Side

Ten years have past
Since I learned the news
A cancer caregiver I became
Surgeries, chemotherapy, depression
Life was turned upside down
And was never the same
Coming home became a fear
Never knowing what I would find
Would today be the day?

The new normal began
Five years cancer free
But it was an illusion
I answered the door only to be served
Dissolution became the next chapter
Attorneys, courts, nearly bankrupt
Everyday while I worked
The home was cleared of the life we built
But me, my dog and house survived

Not much I could do
With time the debt was subdued
Accepted what was and started anew
A challenging leap of faith
A second chance at happiness
A new chapter began on a first date
With time the wounds would heal
It has been a long journey
I’m on the other side

15 thoughts on “On the Other Side

    1. Thanks, Amy. I recall the encouraging words you have provided along the way. It was about two weeks ago that I realized that it has been ten years. Maggie has been with me the whole time and has made new friends along this journey too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks you, Roberta. Depending on God to carry me through was the first step in this journey. Many times I looked to Job’s as an example of how I should pick up the pieces and rebuild my life knowing there was something better ahead (I shared with my Pastor at the time that Job’s patience lasted for decades before his life return to what it was before). I’m looking forward to seeing what God has planned for the next chapter. I really appreciate both the old friends and new friends who have helped along the way.

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      1. Yes, Patrick, we can trust Him to carry us through, no matter the kind of storm, but oh so many blessings along the way.. These days I love watching and feeding the birds. Must come with age..lol, but so appreciative of the sweet simple things in life.. Take care my friend…

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      1. I’m not active on WP these days, but I update Instagram regularly. Easier to post a few quick pics than write a lengthy blog post. Have just wrapped up 3 glorious days of hiking in Sedona. It was exactly what my body, mind and soul needed. If you ever check out Instagram, my handle is @nancytex. You may decide to skip Vegas hiking in favor of Sedona!

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        1. Sedona or Vegas? I would choose Sedona too. I’ve actually hiked at Red Rock State Park in Sedona. All of the area surrounding Sedona is beautiful. The drive through Oak Canyon (89A) back to Flagstaff is a beautiful drive.

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