Simplicity is Best

About 15 months ago, I bought what I thought was a really cool Hummingbird feeder. It was made to look old which went well with the Red Dog Estate. The Hummingbirds were not impressed and I never saw a single bird using the feeder. The metal cover eventually developed rust which did not help attract customers. One afternoon the past month, a Hummingbird flew up to the feeder and then turned to where I was sitting and said something I didn’t understand, but I’m certain it included several words that I don’t use on my blog. I decided it was time to replace the failed feeder with an all plastic design, to avoid rust, along with a smaller reservoir to minimize wasting Hummingbird food.

Within 10 minutes of hanging this new feeder, a Hummingbird showed up to check out the new fueling station. There has been a steady number of visitors zipping through the yard. Maggie and Sally don’t seem to mind the Hummingbirds and the Hummers seem to be happy to have the two pups lounging just below to keep their feeder safe.

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