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The evil that lurks within…

After a trip to the grocery store on the way home, I wiped off the shelf for the milk due to its perpetual spills. I noticed a mysterious crud on the shelf below that led into the bin. Underneath the bin I found foreign matter that did not belong in the refrigerator. Much to my horror, in the bin next door I discovered celery that had started to liquify. I worked my up the other side to the top shelf where I learned that some things in life are better left unknown. Just over an hour later the groceries were finally put away. What started as simply wiping down one shelf turned into doing the job right and cleaning the whole refrigerator. Not half ass as my Dad would have said.

With that said, my Dad would have disassemble the refrigerator shelves and bins, grab a five gallon bucket of hot soapy water and his favorite black scrub brush and cleaned everything until every microbe was dead. The refrigerator walls would be scrubbed beyond clean from top to bottom. Only then would the refrigerator be reassemble and deemed clean.

Sometimes people think that I’m over the top in the way I pay attention to the details. It is part of who I am and the training I received from both my Dad and other supervisors I’ve worked for throughout my career. For now the refrigerator is clean enough without a major disassembly and good scrubbing. Spring cleaning has come early to the Red Dog Estate.