Don’t Fence Me In

The latest project at the Red Dog Estate has been the planting of five antique Roses. I decided on this type of Rose to match the character of my old house, the neighborhood, and to match a beautiful antique Rose that never has any issues, on the other side of this fence.

All of the plant nurseries, hardware stores, and home improvement warehouses in my area only carry hybrid Roses. After some research on the interweb, I located a nursery in Texas that specializes in antique Roses. After looking through the choices at the Antique Rose Emporium, I decided on three Henri Martin and two Madame Isacc Pereire Rose bushes. A week-and-a-half later two boxes arrived. On the day’s after work, when nothing else is competing for my time, Maggie and Sally have been supervising the planting of the Roses. What really catches their attention is when I mix bone meal into the soil. Both dogs love to run along the fence when other dogs walk by. For awhile the new roses will need to be protected from being trampled or dug up.

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