9 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 231

  1. This morning during my quiet time, I realized that I had not seen a post from Red Dog Garage. So, just saying “hello,” from Oregon. Our focus this summer has been on my husbands shoulder surgery and then another to follow, hopefully in October. It has kept us home and I am learning about patience….. We have enjoyed watching the sunflowers and zinnias grow and now are fading but still possess beauty.

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    1. It has been awhile. Thanks for thinking about me and checking in. I’ve been working long days at work this summer to meet the somewhat unrealistic demands. Three separate project schedules that have not been resource loaded with names has created priority issues (Lisa only hears blah blah blade when I talk this way). I have also been painting the guest bedroom and repairing my utility trailer. If that was not enough, last Thursday I learned that I have a kidney stone working its way through my body. One of the designers in my group just returned from his ninth surgery on his shoulder (he is only 31…Marine Corp injury). I’ll pray for your husband’s recovery. I know first-hand that any surgery recovery takes time and teaches patients. I too have seen beauty in fading flowers. Like so much in our society, if it is not perfect, it is not considered beautiful. I’ve been learning that imperfections are just a fact of this world.

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      1. You are so right about imperfections.. Demands can become burdensome.. I will keep you in prayer too, as well as your co-worker. Over the years here at wordpress, there have been some that no longer post or have deceased. I am not an active commenter, I have room for improvement, but I do think about those that have contributed in their own special way. Stay as well as you can and take time to stop and smell the roses along your way. Paul’s surgery may be in October, but he has been ready to get it over with, for weeks. Thank you for praying…

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        1. I too think about the people on WordPress that have gone silent since I started writing back in 2012 (where did seven years go?). I started my blog as an alternative to other social media and it is my only online presence. I appreciate your checking in because it gives me a reason to finish a post that has been in the works.

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