Choosing To Be Happy – No. 238

Rain has returned to Northern California which means all of my unfinished outdoor projects are on hold. Time has come to restart my indoor projects. The one that I have been wanting to do for 22 years is to become a stripper…of paint that is. The 110 year old trim in my old house is all old growth Redwood. It was originally coated with shellac which makes removing all of old paint fairly easy. Once in awhile when the heat is just right the scrapper will reveal the various colors that the trim has been painted. There is a light green that is right out of the nineteen fifties. This project has not happened for many reasons with tedious and quite boring being the top two. I’ve decided to do a little bit each day and avoid looking at all that needs to be accomplished.

The Redwood has a rich deep reddish brown tone with a tight grain. Very different from the Redwood available today. This is a project that costs very little but is time consuming. I can already see that the results will be phenomenal.

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